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My Mission
To put the sparkle back into your website

I review each page for five major elements
*Wording and word flow
*Grammar and spelling
*Readability from the reader’s perspective
*Clarity of Message from the reader’s perspective

What’s Next?
*I explain why I made certain choices and work with you to create what you need and want
*Create a Review of the above processes customized for your site

What Sets Me Appart From all the Others?
Attention to detail in all areas with emphasis on readability, flow, spelling and grammar.

Does this sound like you?
*You are no longer getting the engagement that you once were
*You just can’t seem to ‘get it quite right’ with your message
*You want to create new and exciting offers for your clients
*You have so many ideas that you find it hard to focus on one or two great ones
*You know what you want to say but aren’t quite sure how to say it


If  this sounds familiar contact me and we will work together to
put the sparkle back in your website.

 $199.00 for any three pages
Each additional page $75.00

for more information please contact me at val@raineydaywritingandresearch.com
PLEASE NOTE  This is not a live link

Hi, my name is Val Rainey.

Welcome to Rainey Day Writing and Research
I’d like to explain why I have a daisy and a pen for my logo.

The daisy represents a pin that belonged to my late mother and was the inspiration for my first children’s story Sunny’s Grand Adventure. The daisy is also my favourite flower.

I really did used to write with a straight pen in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I then had to ‘master’ the fountain pen and eventually the ballpoint.

I actually miss the messy little straight and fountain pens. You had to think before you wrote and to write much more slowly.

 This site is mostly under renovation. Thanks for stopping by.