The Joy of Books


Winter is here and Christmas is right around the corner. Could there be a more perfect excuse for snuggling under a warm blanket in an oversized chair by the fireplace and reading? One must of course have a hot chocolate or other steaming hot drink within reach.

For me Christmas is all about traditions. My favourite of course is the original Christmas story….the birth of Jesus Christ. Without Him, we wouldn’t even have Christmas.

We all love traditions especially during the Christmas holidays. We put the tree up the same day each year. We have a favourite star or angel for the top.

The reading of a traditional family favourite, especially aloud, is always a wonderful memory for the Christmas season. If you do not yet have one, give yourself a wonderful gift and start now!

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a house full of children or just sitting at home with the dog and cat.

Books can even smell good especially old leather bound editions glued together and bound with catgut.

One of my favourite memories of books is my maternal grandparents’ enormous collection of books at our family cottage on the shores of Lake of Bays near Huntsville, Ontario.

Books are an enormous and ever expanding resource for students and teachers. We can learn the correct spelling of words or help us locate Huntsville, Ontario.


Books have been around for a very long time.

Cave drawings are essentially books drawn by our ancestors to teach their children about family and tribal traditions.

The earliest example of ‘books’ are the cave drawings in Lascaux, southwestern France. They were discovered by 18 year old Marcel Ravidat on September 12, 1940. The drawings have been dated to be just over 17,300 years old. Now that’s an old book!

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