Know When You Need a Break

Signs to Look For

Tired even after a great night’s sleep

Being ready to do something and becoming distracted by another task

Totally forgetting what you wanted to acccomplish before becoming distracted

Trying to do even simple tasks that normally succeed the first time and now frustrate you to the point of leaving it alone…sometimes permanently

Running a problem over and over in your mind to the point of confusion.

Neglecting our own health by not exercising or even going for a walk on a lovely day

Eating when not hungry. This has always been a big red flag for me that things aren’t right.

Leaving dishes for 3 or even 4 days

Neglecting hobbies

Neglecting our passions what ever they may be. Mine is writing. When I haven’t written for a few days I start feeling lethargic.

Too much TV or computer time especially on all our favourite social media

If you recognize yourself in any of these signs PLEASE stop, breathe and step away from the techie toys or whatever has brought you to this place.

Your mind and body are trying their best to alert you to danger.

If you do not have someone specific to be a soft place to fall you can always call on God in whatever form you see Him or Her to be.


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