Creating the Perfect Writing Environment

Teddy Bear

Part one of Tips, Tricks and Tools

My newly created office, thanks to my wonderful and talented husband Brian has two south facing windows. Each has a roller blind to keep out the afternoon sun and the distraction of watching the birds in our neighbour’s yard.

When I begin a session I require total quiet to allow my creative brain to start working. Once I get on a roll I can write with any kind of noise in the background and I’m basically able to ignore it. Fortunately for me there is no ice cream truck in our new neighbourhood. Hey, there is frozen yogurt in the kitchen.

Another aspect for me is that I always have my writing support crew, my white dragon named Marigold, her buddy Winston, my little donkey Oscar and my elephant Nessie. Rounding out the crew is a small resin pencil that says, “Quiet please” on one side and “Nervous breakdown in progress” on the other. A teddy bear, named Cuddles sits behind the eraser end of the pencil and has one claw of her right front paw up to her lips to make the “shhhh” sign. She always looks deep in thought…very much like us writers.

Coffee shop

I would love to sit and write in one and watch the customers come and go with their wonderfully smelling drink concoctions and pastries.

I think I might like to do this in a small outdoor café in Paris. Ahhh to dream.

On our Patio
In early July Brian finished building a small patio at the side of our new home. He even found an old desk from the University of Lethbridge that looks like it goes back to very early days. It doesn’t have a hole for an inkbottle but I bet it was brand new when the university opened in 1967.

For all my non-Canadian readers 1967 was our centennial year.

The patio doesn’t have much of a view except for a lovely weeping birch just off to one side of it. When I finally get to write out there I hope to be able to attract some of the little birds from next door to keep me company.

I think it will be a fine place to write and dream or have morning tea.


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