Critiquing is not Criticizing

Definition of Critique
To evaluate in a detailed and analytical way

Writers love to write but not always to share.

Why? Well, when we share we allow others to see into our soul and the souls of our characters.

That tends to make us uncomfortable because the characters are our babies and friends.

We have to share eventually or no one will ever know we’ve written anything.

For some of us that’s ok, but, if you want to publish…… you need to share long before the book is finished

Why a Critique is so Important

  • To open up the story and ourselves to the world
  • To allow feedback both positive and so called negative
  • Helps us as authors to understand the story on a new level
  • Shows us where we’ve led our characters astray or that they have led us astray
  • Fixes issues of continuity or even character description…. Susie needs to have green eyes all the way through the story and not change to blue when she’s batting her eyelids at the hero or scowling at the villain.
  • To give fresh eyes to the book.
  • We know what is supposed to be happening, after all, we wrote it.
  • Not so fast, a lot of the time what’s in our heads doesn’t make it to the paper or the computer screen.
  • It’s way too easy to leave out a paragraph. When the poor reader tries to read through the sections around it they can’t make heads or tails out of it.
  • We also tend to repeat a word when we’ve been typing along merrily and then take break. If we simply pick up where we left off that can spell trouble.


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