Typical Day in Lethbridge. Alberta, Canada

The day began so typically for Lethbridge. The morning was rainy and drizzly.

The air felt about two degrees above snow. By mid morning it was raining for real.

By lunch time the sun was shining and the birds were singing.

Naturally that couldn’t last long and the process started all over again.

Yeah, yeah, I know….those of us who have lived here for say….more than a week know just how typical that day really was. I can tell who you are by the knowing little smile on your face.

Those of you who are new comers to our fair city, unless you are from the west coast of BC or southern Ontario, might still be living under the delusion that Saturday was a freak of nature.

Trust me, you will soon learn to keep a jacket or a sweater in your vehicle. You will also keep your windshield scraper within easy reach at all times.

Say whut?

Yeah, you heard me right. Jacket and scraper always handy. You also need to make certain that the air conditioning in your vehicle is operating properly. That’s mainly for late August and early September when we get plus 30 temperatures.

Anyone who has lived here for more than a week also knows first hand the wonders of retiring on a snowy winter night listening to a howling north wind and knowing that the temperature is fast approaching minus 40… and waking up to sun shining, blue sky, streets filled with slush and temperatures anywhere from plus 5 to plus 15!

All of this may be a bit much for a new comer to absorb

but you too will learn.

In the meantime all you really need to know is three very simple words….

This Is Lethbridge!

Live Your Dream…..Don’t Fight It

April 29, 2016

This morning I read the letter ‘Y’ of the A – Z challenge. My friend was talking about how her husband’s  health isn’t the greatest and how he will awaken at night screaming about how bad he feels.

This was my comment:

Hey Lillian (not her real name)
I know just how he feels. I’ve fought weight issues for a very long time a finally realized this morning….yep today….that fighting doesn’t work. Both he and I need to learn that fighting our body just doesn’t work. We need to ask it what it wants and then slowly start giving it to it. If we move too fast our system doesn’t trust us so both John and I need to be gentle with ourselves.

It seems that whenever we want something be it simple like an  icecream cone or  complicated like buying a house we fight against the very thing we  want.

Oh the icecream has too many calories or we’d never get a mortgage because of our ages and income. So, guess what. No icecream and no house.

We end up depriving ourselves of the very  thing we want by fighting against it instead of finding a way to love the idea and us.

So stop already  yet! Find a way to have  w hat you want without going overboard.

It’s not always easy but if you step back and consider even for a few minutes quietly or talking things over  with your significant other…don’t have one? talk to the dog or cat. They’ll listen.

Solution…..have your icecream in  smaller dish and use a smaller spoon than you normally would.

As for the house. Maybe look for a fixer upper or even a mobile or manufactured home. Most of them now are pretty nice.

My husband and I were looking for a new place to live back in February. We never dreamed we’d end up buying our own little mobile home. It’s not fancy but it has a fairly large extension on one side completely done (insulation, wiring…the whole bit).

We are both creative and he is a great fixer  upper so we know that we can make it what we want with mostly sweat equity and some ingenuity. We also have friends ready and willing and able to assist.

So…..don’t fight against what you want…..figure out how to get at least close to the goal and then go for it. You just never know where a bit of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture will take you.

Happy dreaming, planning and succeeding.