Hire Me

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Why You Should Hire Me

Technical Reasons
1. Excellent grammar and English skills
2. Excellent proofreading skills
3. Creative
4. Accurate
5. Passionate about writing rather than ‘just a job’
6. Can be trusted to get the job done on time.
7. Thorough
8. Well written in all areas
9. Always meets deadlines
10. Strong work ethic
11. Professional and dedicated to the craft.
12. Open to working closely with clients and to editing work whenever required.


Fun Reasons
I have been writing since 1964 when I was 10 years old. My first masterpiece other than “Thank you” letters and cards to my grandparents and aunts and uncles was a critique of Anne Sewell’s Black Beauty called Horses.

I made it known, very clearly, that I was not impressed with the  treatment of the horse.

Since then I’ve wandered along to bigger and better.

In 2004 I self published Sunny’s Grand Adventure, the story/colouring book of a daisy who is determined to fly!

In 2013 I also published Fun and Frolic, Volume One in The Sunshine Collection. It is a collection of stories and poems written by my mother and myself over a seventy-five year span of time.

Both are for sale at The Elf and Toadstool.ca

To discover just what other types of writing I do wander over to my What I Do page. There you will discover some of my many talents along with wonderful testimonials from past clients.